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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Review of Truly Yours (Truly Us #1) by Mia Miller

Review of Truly Yours (Truly Us #1) by Mia Miller

Review done for Hooked on Books

Oscar and Delia met at camp when they were younger twelve. Oscar was the awkward redheaded boy that everyone made fun of. Delia however found him quite endearing.

When summer ended they promised to keep in touch with each other through letters. As time went on, the letters seemed strange and they got few and far between.

Fast forward to college and Delia and Oscar run into each other again. Something isn’t quite right, as Delia finds that Oscar is definitely not the same boy she met all those years ago.

This was a unique love story with many different twists throughout. Fate has a way of leading these two lovers back to each other even through tough times.

The story line was good but I found the book to be lacking an emotional connection with the characters. It didn’t quite have enough angst for me.

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