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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Review Baby Mine - shannon Dobson

OMG I just love this book. I have been telling my friends to read it because i love it so much!! Its one of those books that will stay with me forever i just couldn't but it down.

By chapter 4 i had totally fallen in love with Dustin, i mean who wouldn't hes to die for. Hes sexy, wealthy, loving and caring non judgmental and always looks out for other peoples well being especially his family, hence how he has made his fortune. God i want so want Dustin in my life!!
Dustin meets Melody who is at university and she totally changes his life. Melody is your normal student shes fun down to earth hard working and needs happiness in her life with her rocky childhood upbringing.

This is what i call a proper love story about two polar opposites who totally fall in love with each other but they have to fight for it and get through alot of obstacles and barriers. And not forgetting there is lots of hot and sexy scenes that fit in well with the story. Baby mine takes you through a rollercoaster journey of events which you can relate to. There are lots of LOL scenes and emotional scenes. I loved the fact that this story was so realistic and draws you in, you cannot help but like this book.

Each chapter alternates between Melody and Dustin's points of view with the story flowing. This is very well written with extremely likeable characters.This is my first book by Shannon Dobson and definitely wont be my last i cant wait for the next book in the series.

I am giving this a massive 5 stars and highly i recommend it.

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