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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mountain Man Daddy

Media Kit

Title: Mountain Man Daddy

Author: Kara Kelley

Release date: July 7, 2017


Hashtags: #eroticromance #bdsm #romance #daddydom #daddy #DDLG


Since retiring from his job as an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mike Hunter has been living off grid in a cabin nestled in the mountains of New Brunswick, but his solitary existence is interrupted when he pulls a beautiful young woman from her vehicle after a crash she is lucky to have survived. Mike's conscience overrides his desire for privacy and he brings the injured woman back to his cabin to care for her.

Avery Trent is desperate to get away from the ruthless men seeking to collect on her murdered husband's gambling debt, and the last thing she wants is to stay put in some mountain man's cabin until he decides it's safe for her to leave. But Mike gives her no choice in the matter, and when she makes a run for it Avery quickly ends up over his knee for a sound spanking.

In spite of her situation, Avery cannot help feeling safe and cared for when Mike gently comforts her after her punishment, and when he takes her in his arms his dominant lovemaking is better than she could have ever imagined. Mike does not hesitate to assume the role of Avery's firm but loving daddy, and he is fully prepared to discipline her as thoroughly as necessary to curb her reckless defiance, but will he be able to keep her safe from both her enemies and his own?

Publisher's Note: Mountain Man Daddy includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Excerpt 1:
“What are you doing?” His gruff voice made her drop the shorts to her feet and stand swiftly. Her face felt hot with embarrassment. He’d caught her going through his underwear drawer. Oh, God, his underwear drawer!
“Uh.” She looked to the drawer, her gaze landing on a pair of thick wool socks and she lunged for them.
“I—my feet were cold.” Her pulse quickened as his eyes narrowed, the heat of his gaze making more than her heart pound. Avery swallowed several times to rid herself of the dry patch in her throat. Yes, she liked this guy’s look, even when it was irritated, maybe especially so. There was a mix of excitement, heat, and fear that fizzed in her. He was a contradiction with his rugged, gruff exterior and his gentle nurturing, and it fascinated her.
“I was distracted by the funny boxers,” she said, looking down sheepishly at the socks, hoping he bought her lie. It wasn’t all a lie; she had gotten distracted by his shorts.
His hands went to his hips. The jeans he wore were old but hugged him well—too well to need the thick leather belt he wore. Tucked into them was a green thermal long-sleeved shirt that molded over each well-defined pec, ab, and bicep. He was a man in every single way.
“And what would you think if you caught me looking through your undergarments?” He walked toward her, and she stepped back automatically, her knees hitting the bed and knocking her to a sitting position. She chewed the inside of her cheek as he kept coming.
“I’d probably think you were a pervert.” She was intimidated by his size, so she looked to her feet.
“I think that sounds about right.” He bent forward and lifted Avery’s chin with one long, callused finger. “Are you a pervert?” Was that humor in his eyes? She swallowed audibly. She shook her head, and her stomach churned nervously.
“What’s your name, little girl?” His deep voice hummed through her, and her heart flipped. She only shook her head again. He sighed and sat down beside her on the bed.
“Lie down.” It was once again a stern demand rather than a request. His gaze searched hers, but this time it wasn’t as uncomfortable. His stern but concerned blue eyes penetrated hers, and a starburst of thrills shot through her. His plump lips framed by the reddish-blond beard were calling to her, and she wanted to place her hands on his weather-pinked cheeks and draw him closer.
He sighed again and pulled his toque off. His hair hung in dark blond waves to his shoulders. Longish hair had never, ever been sexy to her, but God, this man wore it well. He tucked it behind his ears. She wanted to reach out and touch it. It looked thick and smooth.
“Do you ever do as you’re told?” he asked, sounding more than a little exasperated. She shrugged and gave him a small, flat smile. Obedience and Avery had been synonymous at one time.
“I don’t have patience for people at the best of times, but little girls that drive off the road because they’re speeding and ignoring warning signs, and force me to rescue them not once, but twice—well, I have no patience for them at all. Now, lie down or I’ll introduce my hard hand to your bare bottom.” His forehead creases deepened.
“Okay, Yukon.”
“My name is Mike, Annie calls me Yukon. But while you’re here, you’ll call me Daddy.”

Excerpt 2:

“Oh, you will, but I’m not finished with this lesson yet, Avery. Not even close.” She wanted to kick her legs in a tantrum, but they were like gelatin from his pleasure-torment. He lifted to his full height and reached over his shoulder to tug off his shirt. Moisture pooled in her mouth. He ran his left hand down his sculpted abs and leered at her. He looked like of one of those professional wrestlers on television—tall, muscled, and bearded, with long wild hair. He exuded a roughness and danger that enflamed her insides, especially because she knew those qualities were equally united with his protective and tender sides.
He unbuttoned his jeans slowly, dragging the zipper down at an agonizing pace. He yanked them off, along with the long underwear and she stared at his hard cock. She wanted to touch it, feel its long smooth skin in her palm and brush the silky tip across her lips. Her expression, a mix of awe and desire, made his grin grow wide. He lowered his eyes to his member and then lifted them back to her with the self-confidence of a man who had reason to be boastful. He walked to the headboard and untied her wrists, kissing each of them where she’d made lines from her struggling.
“Come here and put your hands together.” She came to stand in front of him, and he tied her wrist to wrist. He arched one brow at her. “You didn’t think I was done with you yet, did you?”
“Oh, I would have been disappointed if you were.” He chuffed, hooked a finger in the silk and walked with her to the living area. He sat her at the table. “I’m keeping an eye on you,” he said and gave her mouth a slow kiss. He went to the fridge and pulled out a jug of water. “Thirsty?” He smiled when she nodded. “Parched, Daddy.”
He poured a large glass and brought it to her, placing the edge against her lips. Her tied hands lifted but he pulled back the glass before she could grab it.
“Daddy’s in charge of your every need right now, little girl.” He watched her intensely until she lowered her hands back to her lap. “Good girl.”

Excerpt 3:

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done,” she said with a wet chuckle.
“I think I’ll have to agree with you on that,” he said, resting his hand on her lower back. The shirt had ridden up, and he could see the swell of her bottom. His mouth dried.
“Weirder than having a bear for a pet?” she asked, and he chortled.
“Yes, weirder than that, but not weirder than you calling me Daddy.” He paused before adding, “And honey, I love that.” Her head twisted sharply, and she gave him a shy and rare sweet smile. “I do too,” she whispered.
“That’s my girl.” He rubbed her bottom and felt her stiffen and then relax beneath his hand. Her skin was soft and supple. “I’ve never spanked anyone before.” He chuckled again. “I’ve met some very deserving people, but it never seemed appropriate out there.”
“Out there?”
“Yes, out there. In the real world.”
“Real world?”
“Enough chit chat. You’ve got a spanking coming.” He pulled the shirt up and saw her beautiful rounded backside. “Just remember this is because I care that you disregarded the warnings and put your life in peril and that I never, ever want you to do it again. Got me, little girl?”
“Yes, I got you, Daddy.”
“Daddy’s got you, too.”

About Kara Kelley:

Kara Kelley is a naughty Canuck (that’s a Canadian for those of you that don’t know), who loves spanks, a little bondage, tantalizing creative sex (trust me, honey this sh*t is gonna rock our world) and TIM HORTON’S. She’s full of playful mischief, loyalty and maybe some stubbornness, but she’ll never admit it. And she believes living in a secluded cabin in the woods (including good WIFI, a stocked Kindle, and plenty of chocolate) with her husband would be absolute bliss.

How to find Kara:

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